What is CYSAT ‘21?

CYSAT ’21 is the first European event dedicated to cybersecurity for commercial space applications, taking place fully online, organized by CYSEC SA and AP-Swiss.

When is CYSAT ‘21 being held?

CYSAT ‘21 is being held virtually on March 17-19th, 2021.

Why is CYSAT ‘21 only being held online?

In a time of great uncertainty and following the regulations of the Swiss authorities, we have decided to host the first edition of CYSAT ‘21 virtually. This will allow the event to take place regardless of how the pandemic situation evolves.

Which online platform is being used for CYSAT ‘21?

The virtual platform we will be using for our event is B2Match.

Who can register for CYSAT ‘21?

CYSAT ‘21 is open to the public. You can register to participate online for 200€.

What can I expect from CYSAT ‘21?

CYSAT ‘21 will be held on 4 half-days, between March 17-19th, 2021. A line-up of 30 selected speakers sharing their expertise and experience on the most pressing cybersecurity issues for commercial space applications. Extended and personalized networking times (with matchmaking, the possibility to schedule appointments prior to the start of CYSAT ‘21 to meet the right partners, etc.)


How do I register?

You can register for CYSAT ‘21 by visiting our Registration Page. Registration must be paid via credit card through our website. You can pay either in EUR or CHF. All payments are processed securely.

Do I need to register to attend the sessions?

To attend CYSAT ‘21, you must purchase your ticket. After that, a link to access and create your B2Match account will be sent to you prior the event. The whole event will only be accessible from there

How much do tickets cost for the virtual participation?

The ticket price for all online participants is 200€.

How do I set the currency to my preference?

You can choose between EUR and CHF on the registration page by clicking on the EUR button in the upper right.

Are there any promo codes available?

Yes! Please ask your organization if you are entitled to promo codes.

Help! I have trouble registering.

Please contact us at cysat@cysec.com if you have issue with your registration.

Is there a deadline to register for CYSAT ‘21 2021?

There is no deadline to register for our virtual CYSAT ‘21. You can join at any time, and once registered you will gain access to everything on the platform.

If I cannot attend the entire event, can I attend individual sessions?

Of course! Once you have purchased your ticket and created a B2Match account, you can join as much of our virtual CYSAT ‘21 program as you choose. We recommend that you visit our Programme Page to ensure you do not miss out!

I purchased an online ticket, but I am not available to join the event. Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately, all online tickets are non-refundable.


How do I create my B2Match account?

A link to create your account will be sent to you after you purchased your online ticket. You will have to complete a short questionnaire, choose a username and a password. You will have the opportunity to personalize your profile, so that networking will be simpler during the event.

How do I log in to B2Match?

Once your account is created, you will be able to use your username and password to access the platform and the event.

What do I need to do before the event?

Make sure your computer, internet browser, and all extensions are up to date. Sign in to the platform as early as possible to familiarize yourself with B2Match. Sessions will begin at their scheduled date and start times.

How do I explore the virtual CYSAT ‘21?

Once logged on to the platform, you will be redirected to the event “Home page”. There you will find different virtual spaces where you will have the opportunity to listen to the presentations, participate in networking sessions, speak with our presenters, and connect with our sponsors.

How do I request a 1:1 meeting with another participant?

When browsing the participant list, you will be able to chat, schedule a meeting, or request a video call with others.

Can I request a 1:1 meeting with a speaker?

Yes, you can request a meeting with a speaker; however, please note that many participants will be requesting a meeting with the speakers. 


Where can I find the CYSAT ‘21 programme?

The CYSAT ‘21 programme is available on our website.

Do I need an account to join the online sessions?

Once you have purchased your ticket, you will be invited to create an account on B2Match. This account will give you access to our event from March 17-19th, 2021.

Do I need to reserve the sessions I want to attend to?

None of our sessions overlap with one another. You will be able to attend all sessions and have time for networking without having to worry about reserving a place in a session. We recommend visiting our Programme Page, to ensure that you do not miss out on any presentations.


Are there sponsorship opportunities?

Of course! Please shoot us a mail at cysat@cysec.com to learn more about our various opportunities.

Why should I sponsor CYSAT?

You will have the opportunity to meet experts and leaders from both the space and cybersecurity fields and become an actor of change in Europe. Maximize your business opportunities, while increasing visibility among experts within this ecosystems.

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If you have any additional questions regarding CYSAT, please email us at cysat@cysec.com.