Elodie Viau

European Space Agency (ESA)

Elodie Viau is Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications and head of ECSAT at ESA. Previously, she was Senior Manager, Spacecraft Programs Procurement at SES. Elodie earned Masters in Business Administration, Satellite Com-munications and Telecommunication.

Stefano Iannitti

European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency

Stefano Iannitti has been an active contributor to the development of security in the European GNSS programmes since 2003. Prior to this, Mr Iannitti was the GNSS Security and Standards Manager at the GSA. He holds a PhD in Systems Engineering and a Degree in Computer Engineering.

Adrien Bécue

Airbus Cybersecurity

Adrien Bécue is Head of Innovation of Airbus Cybersecurity. Having completed a Master in Aerospace Management, he has a strong background in civil and defense organizations. He is group leader for Industry and Transportation vertical markets at ECSO (European Cyber-Security Organization).

Akash Patel


Akash Patel, is a Principal Architect of Data & AI for Space with Microsoft business where his role is to create the best cloud capabilities for Satellites and other Space related endeavors. He is a PhD Candidate at University of Denver and holds a Master’s of Science from University of Texas, El Paso.

Giovanni Pandolfi

Leaf Space

Giovanni Pandolfi is a Space Engineer. He co-founded LeafSpace in 2014 where he is now CTO. After completing his Master in Space Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he worked for different space companies.

Nicholas “Donnie” Laughton


Nicholas “Donnie” Laughton manages the architecture and application development team for Telesat LEO. Before joining Telesat, Mr. Laughton worked at MDA Space Systems (Montreal) where he focused on the design of next-generation payload architectures for GSO and NGSO satellite systems

José Achache


José was Director of Earth Observation at ESA and Deputy Director General at CNES. He is recognized as the architect of COPERNICUS, the global Earth monitoring programme of the European Union.

Patrick Nicolet

Line Break Capital

As Capgemini’s former Group CTO and Executive Board Member, Patrick Nicolet was responsible for setting the technology and innovation agenda for the Group, overseeing its information systems and cyber security. As a respected technology thought leader, he recently joined the Forbes Technology Council.

Julien Airaud


Julien has 15+ years of experience in cybersecurity and has a strong and motivated skill in developing and protecting most sensitive information systems. Leveraging his knowledge in both Cyber- and Space-related technologies, emergent solutions and a holistic approach, he designs and runs strategies to manage cybersecurity.

Eoin Carroll


Eoin Carroll is a Principal Engineer and Senior Vulnerability Researcher on the McAfee Advanced Threat Research team, focused on researching the trustworthiness of emerging computing platforms and protocols. He also analyzes critical industry vulnerabilities and innovates advanced threat defenses.

Christiaan Beek


Christiaan Beek, lead scientist & sr. principal engineer is part of McAfee’s Office of the CTO leading strategic threat intelligence research. He coordinates and leads passionately the research in advanced attacks, plays a key-role in cyberattack take-down operations and participates in the NoMoreRansom project.

Alexandre Karlov


Alexandre Karlov is CTO at CYSEC and holds a PhD in IT security from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). He has spent his entire career in IT security through various positions in leading industrial firms like Kudelski Security and engineering schools like HEIG-VD in Switzerland.

Dr. Mark Manulis

University of Surrey

Dr Mark Manulis is Head of the Department of Computer Science, Deputy Director of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security, and Associate Professor at the University of Surrey. His track record includes some 100 peer-reviewed publications in leading international security venues.

Dr. Mario Polino

Politecnico di Milano

Mario Polino received his Ph.D. from Politecnico di Milano in Italy, working at NECST laboratory as part of the Computer Security group. His primary research revolves around malware analysis with specific attention on behavioral analysis to assist malware analysts. 

James Pavur

Oxford University

James Pavur is a Rhodes Scholar and PhD student at Oxford University in the Centre for Doctoral Training on Cyber-Security. His PhD research revolves around the intersection between cyber-security and space technology with a particular focus on satellite communications.

Luc Piguet


Luc Piguet is the CEO and co-Founder of ClearSpace, a ground-breaking initiative based at EPFL in Lausanne to clear up Space debris. He is a EPFL MSc Engineer and Stanford GSB alumni with over 18 years of field experience in B2B and B2G.

Massimo Mercati

European Space Agency (ESA)

Massimo, as Head of the ESA Security Office, is responsible for the coordination, supervision and control of all security matters in ESA.  He is the ESA Cyber Security Authority and the lead of ESA’s Cyber Resilience Programme.  

Piotr Biskupski

IBM Security

Piotr Biskupski is Threat Management Engineer at IBM. Previously, he was responsible for promoting knowledge and partnering with customers in the area of implementation and commercial application of quantum computer technologies. Previously, his main interest was nanotechnology and solid-state physics. 

Dr. Gregory Falco

Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Gregory Falco is an Assistant Research Professor. His lab, the Autonomy OWL, focuses on matters of space system cybersecurity, space habitation and future satellite capabilities. He completed his PhD at MIT in Cybersecurity and was previously listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Technology.

Dr. Vincent Lenders


Vincent Lenders is the founding Director of the Cyber-Defence Campus and the head of the Cyber Security and Data Science Department at armasuisse Science and Technology. He earned his Ph.D degree and M.sc in electrical engineering and information technology both at ETH Zürich. 

Ignacio Chechile


Ignacio Chechile is the CTO of ReOrbit, a NewSpace startup based in Helsinki which designs and builds software-defined modular space systems to enable the next generation of space applications.

Julien Bonnaud

Space Innovation

Julien Bonnaud is Space Technology Advisor at the SSC. He joined the Center in 2018 after industrial experiences (TAS F and ADS) in the field of electronic technologies for space applications.He also participated for 3 years in the Upgrade of the CMS Tracker (Outer Silicon detector) at CERN.

Juan Tomás Hernani


Juan Tomás Hernani is the founder and CEO of Satlantis, a space company that provides optical payloads for Earth Observation small satellites. After completing a master in Industrial Engineering, he served in different management positions in the industry and for the Spanish Government.

Federico Belloni


Federico Belloni is a Space Systems Engineer. He joined ASTROCAST  in 2015 where he is responsible for the ASTROCAST technical development. After receiving his Master in Electronics from EPFL in 2011, he joined the Swiss Space Center to contribute to various space projects.

Harrison Caudill

Orbital Security Alliance

Harrison Caudill worked in software and security before getting into the space industry.  After navigating the technological maze, and working with the FCC to eliminate all regulatory hurdles, he moved to space security. He wrote a white paper on security issues in the sector, which crystallized the community.

Rania Toukebri

Space Generation

Rania is a space engineer working on the spacecrafts architecture (Space missions: JUICE, Biomass, Plato, Hera) Regional Coordinator for Africa in Space Generation Advisory Council in support of United Nations Space Applications program UNOOSA delegate (Scientific and Technical Subcommittees).

Xavier Mehrenberger


Xavier Mehrenberger is an ethical hacker. He is part of the SolarWine team, which participated in the 2020 Hack-a-Sat. He is interested in performing security audits, intrusion detection, as well as developing and using security analysis tools that help with incident response related tasks.

Cesar Cerrudo


Cesar Cerrudo is CTO for IOActive Labs, where he leads research in areas including Industrial Control Systems/SCADA, Smart Cities, IoT, Robots, Blockchain, Cryptos, and software and mobile device cyber security. Cesar is a world-renowned cyber security researcher with more than 15 years of experience.

Nuno Pires


Nuno is Head of Innovation at GEOSATIS SA, the world’s leading maker of end-to-end electronic monitoring solutions for the criminal justice system. Nuno holds an EPFL PhD in Electrical Engineering on antennas and has a background in communication and product design.

Kees van der Pols


Kees is lead ground system and operations engineer at ClearSpace merging best practices with novel technologies.

He is specialised in spacecraft operations and worked on several institutional robotic exploration missions.

Susan Linden


Susan Linden is Vice President Consulting Expert at CGI in the field of Enterprise Architecture. She develops strategies and solutions for customers in different domains, with particular focus on digital transformation and cloud services. Susan has more than 10 years of expertise in digitalization, successfully implementing Go Green initiatives.

Christian Rückriegel


Christian Rückriegel is a Senior Consultant in CGI’s Space sector with special focus on Cyber Security. With many years of experience, Christian’s project experience ranges from cyber security management to architecting tailored security solutions that support the stringent requirements of space missions.

Enrique Fraga


Enrique is a mathematics graduate specialized in programming. In 2002 he joined GMV, working initially as project engineer within the satellite control-center area before taking on the role of project head. In 2011 he was appointed Director of GMV’s Satellite and Mission Control Unit and institutional systems for ESA, NASA or EUMETSAT.

Damian Vizar


Damian Vizar is Security Expert at CSEM, where he is responsible for the design and implementation of security architecture in advanced embedded applications, notably in the IoT domain. He completed a PhD in Cryptography at EPFL and has 6 years of experience in Computer and Network Security.

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