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APRIL 24-25TH, 2024
Paris, station f & online

Raising awareness about cybersecurity for space assets and data

Today, our societies depend on space based assets. As the cyber threats are evolving in our current geopolitical environment, securing data is a real challenge.

Since 2021, CYSEC has been organizing CYSAT to bring together all the players in the space cybersecurity domain.

Today, numerous essential services on the ground rely heavily on satellites for gathering and relaying data. According to Allied Market Research, downstream services relying on satellite data will represent a $19,36B market by 2027 at a CAGR of 19,1%.

Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of space data against cyber threats is a new challenge as satellites have historically been designed to be reliable but not secure.

In addition, recent trends such as software-defined satellites, usage of COTS components, in-orbit reconfigurations, intelligence on board, quantum technologies, etc., are making space assets and data more and more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

  • Our Goal: To Build A Strong space cybersecurity ecosystem
  • Since 2021, we are bringing together the space and cybersecurity communities to boost the synergies inside a growing  European ecosystem that is facing an increasing amount of sophisticated cyber threats.

What to expect

Addressing both technical and business issues

At CYSAT, we’ve designed an event that caters to both the technical and business aspects of the space industry’s cybersecurity challenges. 

KEYNOTES and PANELS throughout the 2-day event to take the time to deep dive into each topic. Invited speakers are space industry leaders, hackers, cybersecurity experts addressing all the hot topics related to space assets and data security. The target audience are space engineers.

CYSAT aims to gather qualified attendees, related to the space industry and according to their profession or sector. Networking sessions will be organized with 1 to 1 meetings through an interactive application. In addition, a networking cocktail is offered on the first evening of the event.

These technical demonstrations, primarily led by engineers, aim to showcase the latest technological innovations and products dedicated to satellite communication security.

A unique European Cybersecurity Opportunity

CYSAT is a unique opportunity in Europe to position your organization as forward-thinking and committed to address the issue of cybersecurity for your clients relying on space assets and data.

European and French agencies, space industrial leaders and innovative start-ups have already confirmed their participation and proposed high-level speakers.

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