Witness the World's First Offensive Satellite Demo

You have probably heard of it during the year 2023 : Thales’ engineering team hacked the OPS-SAT satellite of the European Space Agency .

Do you know this operation was orchestrated by CYSAT?

Indeed, CYSAT had launched a competition in 2022, inviting ethical hackers to comprehensively assess satellite vulnerabilities.

The groundbreaking achievement was realized by Thales specialists in aerospace cybersecurity, who became the first to breach the satellite’s system designed for testing purposes. This hacking initiative by CYSAT showcased a strategic and proactive approach, providing a unique platform for ethical hackers to uncover and address potential security risks in satellite technology. The outcome underscored the importance of such initiatives in safeguarding satellite systems from potential threats.

Delve into the cutting-edge technology and innovation that powers the Hack-Sat event. Explore the advancements in satellite technology that are essential for this groundbreaking initiative.

Discover the rigorous testing and validation processes that ensure the success of the Hack-Sat demonstration. Learn how thorough testing is a vital component of achieving the goals of this groundbreaking project.

Explore the extensive international collaborations and partnerships that have made the Hack-Sat event possible. Learn about the global efforts that bring together diverse expertise and perspectives.

Find out how you can actively participate in and be a part of the historic Hack-Sat event. Discover how your involvement can contribute to the success of this significant moment in satellite technology history.

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A unique European Cybersecurity Opportunity

CYSAT is a unique opportunity in Europe to position your organization as forward-thinking and committed to address the issue of cybersecurity for your clients relying on space assets and data.

European and French agencies, space industrial leaders and innovative start-ups have already confirmed their participation and proposed high-level speakers.

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